Everything has a beginning

It is so interesting to write about oneself, when this “about” mixes professional and personal life in such a blended way that you can’t separate the two.

As a child, my greatest joy was being able to make a cake. I still remember in details the wood stove where I baked my first one. It was a very simple cake, without a recipe or proportion but so aromatic, so wished for, so dreamed of and so special that brought my family together and for a day there were no fights or lack of love. EVERYTHING SMELLED CAKE! That day the whole world was colorful and sweet for me.

Years went by and life took many different turns. I would have loved to have studied gastronomy but at the time, I was unable to afford it.

 I worked in many different areas: fashion, dancing, sales but never stopped cooking and making cakes for my friends. I think I was hoping that one day I would color and sweeten the whole world again.

I moved from São Paulo to Dubai, from Dubai to Angola and from Angola to South Africa …

In Dubai I rescued my passion for cooking. I started a small catering business with a friend who also loved to cook. (Zilda Heath) Oh my gosh this woman makes amazing food !!!

The business ended up having a short life, but it was enough to fill me with strength to follow my dream.

After a brief time in Angola (I cooked a lot there too), I moved to South Africa. I had just married. I’ve decided then  to dedicate myself to my new life and home. That decision was short lived. After just one month in Johannesburg, I found a culinary Institute and  I went back to studying.

My dream was coming close to become a reality … I was taking Culinary Arts ( Pastry ).

I started my company,  Coppa, that same year. The kitchen was less than 2 meters and here I am, more than 10 years, totally dedicated to my passion.

A lot of study, tonnes of sweat and long hours standing. That’s how I spend my days.

Here I will share with you everything about my routine and my favorite recipes and ingredients.

Stay tuned, and if you want to become a chef, just follow me. You will lear all there is to know about a chef’s routine..

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.