Dessert has a special place in everyone’s heart!???? From pistachio Cheesecake, pudins, banoffee pie, dulce de leche I will present you my  favorite AND BEST places to eat sweets and desserts in São Paulo.

Without further “Enrolation”( Brazilian term for wasting time). Let’s visit all the places together.

Romeu e Julieta – Marilia Zylbersztajn

best places to eat in sao paulo

This place was not there when I used to live in São paulo. I’m super happy that my friends Gustavo e Thais took me there this year.

From the award-winning Marilia Zylbersztajn pastry shop (which also has several other wonderful desserts) this super creamy guava pie with a frosting of Catupiry ( a much better version then cream cheese ), on top it’s AMAZING. It eater melts in your mouth or they will give you your money back!

Confeitaria Marilia Zylbersztajn Rua Fradique Coutinho, 942, Pinheiros Rua Dr. Renato Paes de Barros, 433, Itaim Bibi

Bolo de Manteiga de Garrafa – Rota do Acarajé Restaurant

best places to eat in sao paulo

Everything that comes out of Rota do Acarajé’s kitchen is divine! Because I have Bahia South I’ll strongly recommend this place, specially if you don’t have time to visit Bahia state.

Perfect Baiana cuisine, they attend to a high demand, mainly from tourists. And the champion choice is the wonderful bottle butter cake, the wettest, coconut-filled, delicious cake you’ve ever eaten. Trust me!

Acaraje Route Rua Martim Francisco, 529/533, Santa Cecília

Acaraje Route Rua Martim Francisco, 529/533, Santa Cecília

Pavê de doce de leite – Casa Garcia

best places to eat in sao paulo

The Casa Garcia grocery store, half lost on a corner of Augusta, hides a treasure among its ciabattas and pastramis.

The dulce de leche pave, with sweetness and softness on the spot, has been served for over 30 years with a secret recipe. After tasting it is impossible to go through there and not come in to take one. Classic of classics!

Casa Garcia Rua Luís Coelho, 128, Consolação

Pastel de Belém – Casa Matilda

best places to eat in sao paulo

When Casa Mathilde was inaugurated, she had this intention of making THE best Pastel de Belém (custard art) out of Portugal. Following the centuries-old recipe and using the correct ingredients, they got it right, and today, the line of people ta comes to taste the sweet is always kilometer long. Go with patience as the final reward is worth every second in line.

Praça Antônio Prado, 76 – Historic Down Town Center of São Paulo

Pudim – Conceição Discos

best places to eat in sao paulo

Pudding is a very popular sweet that can be found on every corner, with the most varied recipes and ingredients. Therefore, it is very difficult to nail one as the best in the city, amid so many (good) offers spread around. However, Thalita Barros one is memorable and fights for this title with praise: a perfect alchemy, created with care and care. It is the least that one of the best sweets on earth deserves.

Conceição Discos
Rua Immaculada Conceição, 151, Santa Cecília

Banoffee Pie – Nanica

best places to eat in sao paulo

Nanica is specialized in this pie of English origin. In addition to the classic, dulce de leche, banana and whipped cream, the house offers more different versions, such as blondoffee, white chocolate brownie, creamy condensed milk, bananas, powdered milk and whipped cream.

Although all the recipes are very sweet, it is difficult to resist and not eat the whole thing until the last mouthful. Proof of this is the movement: there is always a line in front of the 5.3 square meter cubicle of the confectionery.

Rua Augusta, 2052, Cerqueira César, tel. 97592-0997.

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