There is no party, small or big, in Brazil without this delightful confectionery called BRIGADEIRO. If Julia Child said: A party without a cake is just a meeting. We say: There is NO party without a Brigadeiro and you will learn the best recipe here!

Traditional Brigadeiro

Brigadeiro is a popular confection throughout Brazil, especially for festive events. Brigadeiros are commonly made at home, and also found in bakeries and snack shops. A brigadeiro is generally shaped into small balls covered in chocolate sprinkles and placed in a small cupcake liner. The mixture may also be poured into a small container, and eaten with a spoon, and this is known as a brigadeiro de colher (literally, “spoon brigadeiro”). In recent years, flavor and coating variations on the traditional chocolate brigadeiros have become popular. The Brazilian dessert can be found now in different countries as a result of Brazilian immigration.

Here in South Africa, COPPA is the home of the best Gourmet Brigadeiro. Have you tried already?

The recipe I’m posting here today is the most simple and traditional one. There is plenty variations out there but all of them came from this one here.

Very easy and very fun this sweet is a star among the kids. Try the recipe with your little ones and have fun.


Recipe by Mirlene SouzaDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time


Total time




  • 1 cane condensed milk

  • 3 TBS chocolate powder 50% cocoa

  • 1 TBS butter

  • Chocolate Sprinkle to roll the brigadeiros ( I use Callebaut)


  • Prepare your Ingredients
  • Put everything together in a thick base pot
  • Mix everything and cook for around 15 minutes in low heat
  • Pour in a container or plate. cover with clean wrap plastic and let it cool for at least 4 hours before rolling.
  • After cold, take small portions with a spoon, grease your hands with butter and roll the brigadeiros. Put the little balls in a container with chocolate sprinkle and they are ready to be eaten.


  • Tip: A good brigadeiro requires low heat and patience. Also remember that the quality of your end product will be directly linked with the quality of your ingredients.

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